When Should You Hire A Lawyer?

An attorney’s primary role is to advocate for his client to ensure that his rights and interests are protected. Some people might think that they do not need the services of an attorney because they always obey the law, or they might think that they can navigate through the legal system themselves. However, there are instances when right and wrong are not so clear cut. There are many situations when it is recommended to hire a lawyer so a person does not inadvertently forfeit his rights. Here are some examples.

Auto accidents are common occurrences on the road. While minor fender-benders might not need the involvement of an attorney, accidents that result in major damage or injuries should be handled by experienced attorneys. This is true even if both parties are fully insured by their respective auto insurance companies. Insurance companies want to settle claims quickly. They also are notorious in offering the claimant a low settlement amount. What they offer often does not take into account personal losses from injuries. If you were injured in an accident, there is no telling how much the total medical cost will be until you fully recover. In addition, there might be expenses for future medical support relating to the injury that should be part of the settlement. On top of that, there should be compensation for lost wages and for pain and suffering. Trying to negotiate a fair settlement with the insurance company yourself is not easy. However, if you hire a lawyer to represent you, he will negotiate on your behalf and will fight for you to get the maximum settlement for your case.

If you are injured in a retail establishment or from using a faulty product, a personal injury lawyer can help you file a claim against the establishment or the manufacturer. It would cause you a lot of aggravation if you try to file the claim yourself. However, with a lawyer, you can focus on getting better while your lawyer handles the negotiations.

Another situation that might require a lawyer is when you decide to file for a divorce. This can be a very emotional time for you, and emotions can prevent you from thinking clearly. This is where legal representation can help. Your lawyer can bring your requirements to the table and make sure that your interests are protected during the negotiations. Stakes can be high especially if they involve custody of your children, child support, visitation rights, alimony, real estate, etc. Something like this should be left to experienced divorce lawyers who can fight for you.

Legal representation is important if you are accused of breaking a law. Driving under the influence is an example. If you are charged with a DUI, an attorney can represent you in court and negotiate for a lighter penalty. He knows strategies in requesting leniency from the judge. Without a lawyer speaking on your behalf, you might end up with a harder sentence.

These are some examples of situations where hiring a lawyer is recommended. When you have an experienced attorney fighting for you, you can be assured that your rights and interests will be protected.