Finding A Great Adoption Attorney

Adoption is defined as a legal action that creates a parent-child relationship between individuals that are not related by blood. After an adoption happens, adopted children and adoptive parents have the same rights and biological children and biological parents.

The reasons an individual or a couple chooses to adopt are diverse. Some people cannot conceive or carry a child to term biologically, know of a child via friends and family, or simply desire to give a child a home. Regardless of the motivation, it can become an emotionally and financially draining process. In Utah, people can choose to adopt any child under the age of 18, as long as the adoptive parent (or one party in marriage) is at least ten years older than the child to be adopted. Adults that are legally married to each other may adopt. Stepparents and single adults may adopt. However, two people living together and not legally married cannot adopt. When a married couple adopts, the spouse must consent.

In addition, a birth mother cannot give consent until 24 hours after her child is born. Other parties that must consent can do so before the actual birth. Only a parent or a licensed child adoption agency may place children in adoptions. Although a lawyer that specializes in family law will facilitate the adoption, they cannot place children, nor can doctors or relatives.

Expenses that go along with adoption can be as minimal as the legal and court fees associated with it too as extensive as helping the birth mother maternity medical care and paying an adoption agency.

There are many options when it comes to adoption. You can adopt any child under 18 and the children do not necessarily have to come from Utah. Some agencies specialize in assistance with adoption of children from other countries.

Regardless of your circumstances or your motivation to adopt, you will need the help of an adoption attorney. Search for good law firms that have experience with the legal process that accompanies adoption. And when you choose a family law attorney, you want to choose one that will help to make your adoption as seamless as possible so you can transition into your new life with your new child.